Friday, February 6, 2009

Change of domain name

Dear Readers,

Yashvin has gifted me a new domain "" (not as kdo st valentin lol) and henceforth, I'm really glad to say, that I will be blogging on it instead of

I do hope that my new blog together with its articles will seem interesting to you :P

Thanks again for all your comments and support, specially yash for your guidance.

Please do visit my new blog to know about our participation(Yashvin and myself) at the Job Fair at UOM ...

Monday, January 5, 2009

First post for the year 2009

1st day at work for this year

As we all know, most of us have been going at work today. After all those days of fun, shopping, merry making, good meals, drinks, exchange of gifts etc, it was really hard to get back to work.

I have reached office earlier today as for once there was less traffic jam :) zur in bien cumancer!
Roaming around the office, I tried to wish maximum people I know a happy new year. Then went in the lounge with yashvin for coffee and took maximum 20 mins as yash is always in a hurry to work lol
After that ....did I work today?Nops, not at all!
Staring at my laptop, I was dreaming...I'm not joking lol...fini arrive lannee 2015 ...fini marier, fini gagne zenfant, belmer p tire manzer, p bizin leve of us had a sleepy face and were not working at all.

Either they were looking at the pictures taken on the end of year party or they were chatting or they were gossiping or going to the toilet each 30 mins.
Only 1 person was working TVR...Mr Awootar!!!
It was the most boring day of my life, nothing to do, even internet stopped working for some hours...imagine ur life without internet...fouf
I tried to spend some hours looking at the rain outside and, by each time annoying yash on either skype or ti ena lot option...pena meme ki1 pou amerder in office apart li lol
Enfin 17hr...and as usual I have a lift with a colleague at work,Tanusha who drops me at Qb.Pauvre mwa...she had to wait for her senior to go first to be able to move from her place...and finally we leaved office at 18:20..galouper sinon ti pou rate bus pou ale palma
and once u reach qb after 18:45, it's very difficult to get bus to return home. Hopefully, I reach qb at 18:40 and got a bus.
As soon as I reach home, I had dinner and took a bath.

Zats first day at work for the year 2009...BIEN KASS PAKET! Hope demain it won't be like zis...Wish you loads of courage my friends ...
For those I have missed " Wish u a happy new year 2009 "
My resolutions for this year :BIEN BIZIN 1 CAR

Friday, November 21, 2008


wow what a horrendous crime...

A doctor being "egorge" , meaning has his throat cut his own medical cabinet at Rose Hill...Dr I.A Bahemia, aged 72 ans. It was noticed only when a patient went inside the cabinet and saw the doctor dead...."dokter in tomb en long dan so biro!!! " with blood stains mentioned in the newspaper "Le Mauricien".
Police is investigating and they have already identified 1 suspect of 30 years old.

Now ...tell me what do you think about security and crime in Mauritius?Share your point of views, as I think we are more exposed to criminality nowadays.

Do you think that the government should introduce capital punishment for such offences?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first anniversary

Jab We Met


Started last year, on the hmm, 27.10.2007, when DCDM Consulting organized a company event “The Waterday” at Flic En Flac. Almost everyone was present there, including Yashvin and myself J haha sof mo ti rent midi dans place 8hr 30…as usual late in everything!
Oops…but first let me tell u how yashvin n mwa nu ti rent cam :P

Dhan : “Ayo apres chak 30 mins de travail mo bizin chat for max 10 mins”

“Hey to kpv donne mwa to msn add cumsa kpv chat!” this was what yash told me when we were in the lounge for the first time taking coffee together… funny as we had never talked to each other for max 3 months since Yashvin came DCDMC…lol mo ti p truv Yashvin someone tro tankil and that’s why, I didn’t make the first step to talk and also, he was the only one in office whom I was feeling so shy to talk with.

So we became friends through chat…sharing his opinions, telling me about his ex :P “d’apres l’orde li ti p cumance bat lakol sa lepok laem sa lol mwa ki ti aveugle pa ti p compran “

Ya…waterday…which was held I think 1 week after I had known Yash. There we became good friends…But we put a condition between us “Nu pa pou content nu camarade …juste pou reste bon camarade!!!” each time we said that to each other but inside me (I can’t say for yash), I was already in love with him….without knowing it…

Yashvin wanted a treat from me meaning that on the 1st November 2007, I must take him to the cinema to watch “Jab We Met” because I got promotion. On the other side, he needed to treat me as he was a new comer (Silly but it was a good opportunity to know each other…cki mo ti penser!)

Then we both met dan nu baz near Air Mauritius building and made our way to please each other (pa par d’autre chose mai by treats….Movais l’esprit hein!!!)
We shared our past and I even cried while watching Jab We Met (ayo gagne honter) but yash was there as a support …it was just at that single minute that I realized that I loved him….

Maybe he felt the same..this I can’t say…but he was adorable …pa kozer pa tigit maquiller mo ti maquiller sa zur la lol…and yashvin each time was telling me “ayo mo mama pu truv brilliant lor mwa la :P )

Then came the hard moment ….when we had to get separated to go home after the movie…figure tipti mo dire zot…telman chagrin ki we had to meet again after 2 days…on the 3rd November for another movie….at that time, cinema ti p gagne la vie r nu haha

Days passed and we became closer…ups and down….so many fights (surtout les vendredis: P)…so many tears…sa li pa mo pa content fuf...hard moments...but we are still together and will remain so…coz I believe that opposite poles attract and that, it's my destiny si mone gagne some1 ki pena cv lor so la tete hahaha

Today is a special day for us, both yashvin and myself ..our 1st anniversary…

That’s why I have taken this opportunity to share our small love story with you and make it memorable….

Two things I want to say today to the world….

Trust the one you love…..coz I have hurt someone many times by not trusting him


I love you Yashvin….nops…dou

I do hope that next year I will be blogging our 2nd anniversary yash….(or maybe our engagement si to reussi kpv ramasse un peu kass dan place to ale camper :P)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hospitals in Mauritius

One of my biggest aim is to show the public the reality of our hospitals :S

Let me first tell you a small story...
Victoria Hospital(Candos, Mauritius), where everyday several cases come, several people die...but the real reason I thk I know it now....
My story started this year in March. My mum having pains in her belly, went to see a private doc(gyne)to know the causes of that pain and was told that she was suffering from a severe fibroid disease. She was given a request form that she must show in the hospital to be able to get operated as soon as possible. Therefore, I took her to Victoria Hospital...The doctor,without doing any checkups,told her to come for another appointment in 2 months as he was going on holidays...meaning in June, and also told her that nothing was serious as there was "1 fibrone" only. Mum, happy to hear that "nthg was serious", returned home and continued to do her usual tasks. Everyday she had strange pains and bleeding continued for several weeks. After 2 months she went again for appointment with the same doc, he finally told her to get admitted the next month at 7hr in the morning so that she could be operated after 2 days. Everything prepared, mum went for her operation(stresser, afraid, nervous...). As we reach there on her admission day, we had to wait for max 2 hours to be attended as the nurses came at work at 9hr. Then we had to run here and there to know where her documents were as the NURSES didn't know where her file was !!!
Angry, I took mum to her salle...and I was "SHOCKED" to hear one of the nurses, in quite a relax tone, say to my mum to sit on a wooden chair as there was no bed available...meaning not before 15hr that day....n it was only 9.30 in the morning......I just requested the lady so that she can arrange a place(pli comfortable ki sa chair la) as mum was in pain...she said "Mamzel, li bizin atan mem si li dan douleur...taler si gagne place li va assizer bien bien meme"
Tears in mum's eyes she told me to remain quiet and to return home...I did as she said but I was feeling bad ...bad because I knew mum would suffer more on that chair...
She was given a bed at 14.45hr that afternoon....for lunch...THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT SHE MUST EAT!!!! she was given some cold rice and salad when she asked them for food.
Finally after 2 days, she had to be operated...the night before her operation she was told not to eat(max 24hrs) and was given some medicines. Her doctor didn't come to visit her at all those 3 days...god knows if he knew he had to do her operation!!!
On her operation day, they placed a "la sonne" with her in the morning. We were not told at wat time the operation would be performed. At 11hr, the assistant doc came and told my mum that "nu pa pou kpv faire ou operation akoz la salle operation en reparation!!!" and they sent her home


Finally, I took mum to Medisave and did her operation there....the Doc there told us that mum was in last stage and in a few days the "fibrones(8 in all)" would have turned into Cancer!!!

si ti zot fami sa zot ti pou resenti li plis sa ban docteurs la ek surtou sa ban nurses la...THEY ARE REALLY IGNORANT....and MONEY MINDED!!!!
Regret that I haven't taken any pictures at that time to show u today....