Monday, January 5, 2009

First post for the year 2009

1st day at work for this year

As we all know, most of us have been going at work today. After all those days of fun, shopping, merry making, good meals, drinks, exchange of gifts etc, it was really hard to get back to work.

I have reached office earlier today as for once there was less traffic jam :) zur in bien cumancer!
Roaming around the office, I tried to wish maximum people I know a happy new year. Then went in the lounge with yashvin for coffee and took maximum 20 mins as yash is always in a hurry to work lol
After that ....did I work today?Nops, not at all!
Staring at my laptop, I was dreaming...I'm not joking lol...fini arrive lannee 2015 ...fini marier, fini gagne zenfant, belmer p tire manzer, p bizin leve of us had a sleepy face and were not working at all.

Either they were looking at the pictures taken on the end of year party or they were chatting or they were gossiping or going to the toilet each 30 mins.
Only 1 person was working TVR...Mr Awootar!!!
It was the most boring day of my life, nothing to do, even internet stopped working for some hours...imagine ur life without internet...fouf
I tried to spend some hours looking at the rain outside and, by each time annoying yash on either skype or ti ena lot option...pena meme ki1 pou amerder in office apart li lol
Enfin 17hr...and as usual I have a lift with a colleague at work,Tanusha who drops me at Qb.Pauvre mwa...she had to wait for her senior to go first to be able to move from her place...and finally we leaved office at 18:20..galouper sinon ti pou rate bus pou ale palma
and once u reach qb after 18:45, it's very difficult to get bus to return home. Hopefully, I reach qb at 18:40 and got a bus.
As soon as I reach home, I had dinner and took a bath.

Zats first day at work for the year 2009...BIEN KASS PAKET! Hope demain it won't be like zis...Wish you loads of courage my friends ...
For those I have missed " Wish u a happy new year 2009 "
My resolutions for this year :BIEN BIZIN 1 CAR