Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first anniversary

Jab We Met


Started last year, on the hmm, 27.10.2007, when DCDM Consulting organized a company event “The Waterday” at Flic En Flac. Almost everyone was present there, including Yashvin and myself J haha sof mo ti rent midi dans place 8hr 30…as usual late in everything!
Oops…but first let me tell u how yashvin n mwa nu ti rent cam :P

Dhan : “Ayo apres chak 30 mins de travail mo bizin chat for max 10 mins”

“Hey to kpv donne mwa to msn add cumsa kpv chat!” this was what yash told me when we were in the lounge for the first time taking coffee together… funny as we had never talked to each other for max 3 months since Yashvin came DCDMC…lol mo ti p truv Yashvin someone tro tankil and that’s why, I didn’t make the first step to talk and also, he was the only one in office whom I was feeling so shy to talk with.

So we became friends through chat…sharing his opinions, telling me about his ex :P “d’apres l’orde li ti p cumance bat lakol sa lepok laem sa lol mwa ki ti aveugle pa ti p compran “

Ya…waterday…which was held I think 1 week after I had known Yash. There we became good friends…But we put a condition between us “Nu pa pou content nu camarade …juste pou reste bon camarade!!!” each time we said that to each other but inside me (I can’t say for yash), I was already in love with him….without knowing it…

Yashvin wanted a treat from me meaning that on the 1st November 2007, I must take him to the cinema to watch “Jab We Met” because I got promotion. On the other side, he needed to treat me as he was a new comer (Silly but it was a good opportunity to know each other…cki mo ti penser!)

Then we both met dan nu baz near Air Mauritius building and made our way to please each other (pa par d’autre chose mai by treats….Movais l’esprit hein!!!)
We shared our past and I even cried while watching Jab We Met (ayo gagne honter) but yash was there as a support …it was just at that single minute that I realized that I loved him….

Maybe he felt the same..this I can’t say…but he was adorable …pa kozer pa tigit maquiller mo ti maquiller sa zur la lol…and yashvin each time was telling me “ayo mo mama pu truv brilliant lor mwa la :P )

Then came the hard moment ….when we had to get separated to go home after the movie…figure tipti mo dire zot…telman chagrin ki we had to meet again after 2 days…on the 3rd November for another movie….at that time, cinema ti p gagne la vie r nu haha

Days passed and we became closer…ups and down….so many fights (surtout les vendredis: P)…so many tears…sa li pa mo pa content fuf...hard moments...but we are still together and will remain so…coz I believe that opposite poles attract and that, it's my destiny si mone gagne some1 ki pena cv lor so la tete hahaha

Today is a special day for us, both yashvin and myself ..our 1st anniversary…

That’s why I have taken this opportunity to share our small love story with you and make it memorable….

Two things I want to say today to the world….

Trust the one you love…..coz I have hurt someone many times by not trusting him


I love you Yashvin….nops…dou

I do hope that next year I will be blogging our 2nd anniversary yash….(or maybe our engagement si to reussi kpv ramasse un peu kass dan place to ale camper :P)


Yashvin said...


Its great that you wrote about our first days, koz I had forgotten those details :P

haha, kidding dou!

now, everyone knows the story :P

wi, tone bien dir, la guerre, c devenu ene tradition dans vendredi aster :P, preske!

love u too dhan... *romantik*
[mo garde bane sweet words la for the next meeting, dans buro peut etre lol]


Yashvin said...

yashvin each time was telling me “ayo mo mama pu truv brilliant lor mwa la :P )

haha, trop komik twa!
Aster mo peur to CV, si mum batte r sa lo mo linze or dans loto :P

btw, you can also read my blog post about this anniversary :

Tushal said...

Congratz to both of you..I need double party now..:p
wish you both endless happiness and success..

**Kick pa dire mwa narien..**

Chaya said...

Congrats to you both...

Hey b Dhaneesha, ou pane dir kisanla ine propose kisanla ek kuma ine proposer!

That would be the wonderful moment to cherish :)


I want a party now :)



Kurt Avish said...

Very nice story :P

Yashvin your secret is no more a secret lol. Anyway congrats to both of you and may you be together and happy forever.

Btw Me and Yusha we celebrate our meeting date every month lol.. Pendant vacanse universite ki8 cinema in bien gagne la vie ar nou oci...surtou cine classic :P Un bon baz pou fer pli conaissance sa wlol.

Wish both of you the best of hapiness.

Anonymous said...

Love is life's greatest gift...Congratulations to both of you and many more years of love&happiness to come.Have a blast!

Dhaneesha said...


telman mone rire twa sa mo si mo cv p fini lor mo la tete...


to bizin kass kass li cachiet r zot tou ki li ena copine pourki li kpv bat lacole r lezot


thks dear...

to tell u z truth no1 did the our second rendez vous...something hap n then mo ti bizin deman yash kifer nu rode meet each ozer like zat...n even told him maybe I had started to have feelings for him...he was confused li ti fek kc r so ex and zer were some colleagues at work ki ti p rempli mo la tete contre li it was really hard for both of us to know what we really wanted...zen 1 day can't say when...we realised zat we r in love and no1 has been able to stop us... :)

Dhaneesha said...

@kurt avish
hey nu si cine classic mem...1 bon base sa :P lol

hmmm Yusha ...ya one thing I believe pa bizin atan special occasions pou amuser entre couple to dire? :)

and thanks for the wish ...

Sailesh said...

WOW, thats so romantic ;) actually even my love story had started in a similar way :D and i had blogged about it a while ago but had to remove that post due to my wife not liking it :( anyways i wish you all the best and hope that you both always stay close together :)


Deepa said...

Ein akzsa bhai ti p refuse mw..bel koZ li ti p koZ,mo p al cine r mo ban kams,un lot nu aler nu..

Prit said...


Too cute! Once somebody very very intelligent said to someone no less intelligent, on her last day at UTM, on a bench dan caudan pres kot vane Jus Canne "Whatever happens, does so for a reason and whatever has to be yours will be and no one will ever be able to snatch that from you, however hard they try"

So happy to see that you guys have found each other and are happy together.

There is a God after all and he does have a share of cool stuffs for each of us, haha.

So so so happy to hear such a touching story, specially because it comes from you.

God Bless U

Big Bizu

Prit said...

N yes Vandu,

CV ou pa, your man is cute and encore pli intelligent, no wonder!!! He sure has an eye to spot out "Gems".


Splash said...

Happy Anniversary...

in kone imper veriter la... :p

Rama said...

Hello Dhaneesha…some special words for a very special person to me…
What can I say about dhaneesha?Dhaneesha…a very sweet girl with a devastating smile and a really sensible,generous and big big heart( ala so la tete p gonfler la…hahaha Yash mo croire toi ki sipposer gagne sa l’effet la lol)…she’s been through very intensely stressing and emotionally events that lots of us would have given up, but using her maturity and responsible character,she continued to have faith and pure love for Yash…
U rite dhan…true love knows no limits,no barriers and nothing can get in its way…

Im sincerely happy and feel chaud o coeur to see that after so much much obstacles and delicate situations,,,,love has survived and become even stronger between you two…that really gives much hope to lots of people around the world looking for ‘Ze One’ that will bring them happiness…
Wish u all the best to you both and if Yash me le permet lol, a big big kiss to this great friend of mine….


Atish said...

nice love story... couma dir dan film indien.

Madiihah said...

tahiii tou sa la
waow congratz zt 2! wish u many many happiness of z world
eh yash owe us some treats alors!

yusha said...

mo un peu en retard ... mais congratssssssssssssss....

talkin of cinema ... avish ek mwa in byen fair zot gagne la vie and worst discount si pas gagner ... they suppose to give couples discount or carte de fideliter ..........enfin pas grave ...

letemps pass vite kapav avant celebrate 2 years kapav zot pu fini engaged tous la :) lerla bisin invite tous blogger :)

btw .. in case next year zot pu get engage.. then i think pu ena bku engagement party :)

congrats again .. kan ena fite it make a couple bekme more close its true

Dhaneesha said...


lol..mone reussi coner kisanla sa...lakshmi :) so sweet of u dear..atleast one of my college friends in ecrire kisoz lol


tarrr, d'apres lord tou garson faire meme pa pou gagne tifi lol....ya don't be sad if u had to remove that article ...u must be happy that ur wife loves u a lot...purki li jalouse kan lin truv sa

Dhaneesha said...

@Deepa veudire lin bien couyon twa tro tard...lot cou li sorti lakaz sure li p ale cine fini rent dan loto...

@Pritty maniere...

thks for ur comment...ya whatever u said in faire mwa rapel my past. But 1 thing I'll never forget,zat's how to ti tire mwa depi sa storm la...both u and mum...n now I have got yash...some1 so special di...tro bon mem..kin reussi faire mwa blier mo past...which was like a nightmare always haunting me life has changed a lot depi mone rent dcdmc....mum in encourage mwa bocu n u 2...ur advices pa kpv blier"vandu sa pa bon,vandu sa bon ...hehe" thks

Dhaneesha said...


dire chance mo la ....yash meme in ecncourage mwa create sa blog la croire li p regretter aster lol


thks pou
ya mwa n yash had many hard moments at first...but u guys were there always supporting us..surtou twa to ti p dire mwa ki kdo pou bizin buy pou couyon li haha...merci rama ...


na..ur not we r still celebrating oui ta..ti bizin donne discount for couples surtou ban fidele cuman nu :P

pou engagment la p atan yashvin so ledent dilait fini tomber net lerla kpv faire 1 pas...:P


chance tone dire "yash owe" zot mwa..nice to hear from u yash in deja dire mwa about ur friendship

we are actors meme nu :P

s4ndeep said...

Congrats to both of you! Be Happy!

:) Enjoy every second of the moment you can spend with the person you love.. because these moments are more precious than anything else!


lOve Ever.. sozZz never..

Joyshan said...

hi mo en retard?

same dialog like others such as 'congrats to you both...' i wish i could innovate but what to do, i`m struck so forget it.i just wished to be the owner of cine klassic lol..ti pu gagn mari lavi ar zot ! i think i will open a cine now with a kfc outlet near it and rideau for wandering eyes lol..just jokin!

Atish said...

non to pa actrice twa coz dan film indien, tou ban actrice content nager dan piscine. par contre si met twa dan piscine...le coeur kav arreter non? to kav fer ban junior roles, pa necessaire nage dan piscine lerla. to rentre dan cuvette delo, samen assez.

roshan_luv said...

What can i say???? Dats sooo beautiful and touched me a lot... and beautiful things happens to wonderful persons... Like u dhan.. Wid all my heart wish u all the best, loads of success and always remains happy, cheerful... as you are always....


Ammish said...

thats so nice sis.. li bon, to pas ti p gagne time mem raconte mwa. :-P
am very happy for you dear. i wish u all the best! and many years/decades/centuries of happiness together!! to bizin presenté aster!! :-P

btw sorry for replying late sis.. c ya soon!

Bhooks said...

Bien zoli. Bien kontan monn lir sa. Enn zafer to bann dir rakonte selma. Premye Bizu la kan ti ete :p

Lovliebutterfly said...

How sweet! Nice to read about how other people met! Mo ti joindre mo bf pareil. Chat dan travail... fer preske 6 ans nou ensam! Wish u loads of happiness and a happy engagement soon! :)

Dhaneesha said...


na to pa p encore feter la:P


hey bro, don't worry bientot mo pou presente twa li...


hmmm secret sa pa kpv dire lol...enfin si to assez malin :P dan post laem mone essaye mention it...essaye compran lol...merci pou to comment

Yashvin said...

Tous sa comments la!!!

Mo koner combien zotte tous content mwa merci merci :P

beze sa, r dhan la nepli ena ene la vie privée, line vine plis blogger ki mwa aster.

Have a nice week everyone,

Bhooks said...

Ti ena enn zur en novam. Yashvin dans biro ti p sant enn sante. "Enn dernier regard lor la gare.. Enn dernyer bizu lor to lazu... " hehe

Ingrid said...

hey félicitations à tous les deux..c'est une bien belle histoire d'amour et tellement bien raconté ke sa fé monté les larmes aux yeux lol. J'ai hate de vous voir fêter votre 2eme anif pr en connaître tous les détails bien croustillants lol. Je vous souhaite pleins de bonnes choses et bcp de bonheur. Vivez votre amour à fond!

Eleesha said...

Whoaw thats real love!
im really happy for you dhan..i think you are a lucky girl you got someone like yashvin he will take good care of you!Wish you happiness,love,love & love n im sure i will be invited soon for a wedding ceremony ;)

araj said...

Love can be so lovely...i felt so from wat u said, very happy for u dhan...for the history, i met her at dcdmc, both entered on the same day, mais bon...wish u all the best happy and same to u Yash, meme si on ne se connait pas:)...


Anonymous said...

To Dhaneesha:

What a beautiful & romantic story
Y have proved that nothing is impossible to a willing heart ;) congrats

To Rama:

.. love knows no limits,no barriers..?
So guy; we are all curious to know why y abandon yr girlfriend in France? sincerely!

Loona said...

so sweet!!I'm such a (feminist)romantic!!i remember my 1st anniversary!!roses and thorns(my bad temper!!).me and my boyfriend met on the sly that day as nobody at home approved of our relationship.But things have changed now.He gets along well with my parents.

I will love to read about your 2nd anniversary!!

Dhaneesha said...

Thanks for ur comments dear...ya will surely blog for our 2nd anniversary but not on this blog, you will have to check my new blog on as I do not use this one anymore.
Keep in touch :)